Training Guidelines

I would like to take your destination advocacy training program but customer service training programs are:

Too Generic

Destination Advocacy trainings are not conducted in a general venue for whoever wants to attend. Generic customer service training leads to generic results. The challenges facing a 200-room hotel property are not the same as a three-person nonprofit office. Each one-hour webinar training is conducted exclusively for an individual business or organization so the training can be designed appropriately.

Too Time Consuming

You are busy. Often key partners miss out on customer service training programs because they do not have time to travel to an off-site venue. The trainings are conducted at your office or place of business via closed webinar at your convenience, not ours.

Too Expensive

Customer service training is essential but often left out of budgets due to the prohibitive cost of bringing in a trainer or paying a per person webinar fee. Planet Customer Service charges a flat fee of $225 for up to fifty participants for each one-hour Destination Advocacy webinar.

Too Vague, Where is my ROI?

How does one quantify great customer service? Our Destination Advocacy Training program will show you how by providing metrics to help you measure customer service success.

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