Training Platforms

Our one-hour trainings can be conducted via closed webinar or in-person at your partners' convenience, not ours.

Webinar Trainings

Planet Customer Service utilizes the latest technology in webinar platforms to insure and engaging and interactive training session. The mute button remains off during the entire webinar. Numerous time slots are made available over a designated period of days and each of your partners can reserve a specific time slot. There are no attendance minimums or restrictions.

On-Site Trainings

Our trainers will also travel to your destination to conduct the trainings. As with our webinars, time slots are made available over a designated period of days. Once your partner confirms a designated time slot, we will travel to their office or place of business and conduct the training. There are no attendance minimum or restrictions. Time slots include off peak hours and early and late alternatives.

Planet Customer Service collects one flat fee from you the DMO, CVB or Tourism Board for the entire training period. We do not solicit or charge individual businesses and organizations in your destination for the training. Total training windows can range from one to two weeks.

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