Destination Advocacy for Business

Make customer service a sales tool.

Selling your product or service in the future is just as important as selling your product in the present. Destination Advocacy for Business teaches real world customer service skills but goes one step further. We teach your team members how to create a virtual sales force by advocating for your business and asking for referrals during an engagement with a customer. The one-hour training is divided into three sections.

Section 1

Real World Customer Service and Engagement Skills

Topic Examples

  • The By In: Why should I care about delivering great customer service?
  • How to speak with passion and enthusiasm
  • How to avoid making your bad day someone else’s bad day

Section 2

Advocating for Your Business During a Customer Engagement

Topic Examples

  • How to remember customer’s names
  • Turning a question into a personal testimonal
  • How to volunteer positive information about your business

Section 3

How to Invite Customers Back and Ask for Reviews and Referrals 

Topic Examples

  • Timing is everything… How to request a review in-person
  • Know your customer
  • How to make review requests an organizational program

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