Destination Advocacy for Governement

Galvanize community support.

Community support for new initiatives and policy is essential. Such support also helps to attract new residents, business and visitors to your community. Community support is often challenged by negative perceptions of government intent, activity and accessibility. Destination Adovcacy for Government teaches customer service and engagement skills aimed at mitigating these perceptions. The training also provides instruction on how to advocate for your government department and request positive endorsements during an engagement. The one-hour training is divided into three sections.

Section 1

Real World Customer Service and Engagement Skills

Topic Examples

  • What’s in it for me.. buying in to customer service in governement
  • Speaking tips to put your client at ease
  • Dealing with negative perceptions and problems

Section 2

Advocating for Your Destination During a Client Engagement

Topic Examples

  • Out of the silo… learning about another department
  • How to make your department relevant to your client
  • Don’t know the answer? I gotta guy!

Section 3

How to Ask for Reviews and Referrals

Topic Examples

  • Timing is everything… How to request a review in-person
  • Know your clients
  • How to make review requests an organizational priority

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