Destination Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations

Add another tool to your funding and membership strategy.

Successful fundraising and membership recruitment often results from relationships established between your team members and potential donors and through a positive community perception of your organization’s mission. Destination Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations teaches techniques for positive and unique engagements with anyone outside the organization. The training also provides instruction on how to advocate for your organization and request positive endorsements during an engagement. The one-hour training is divided into three sections:

Section 1

Real World Customer Service and Engagement Skills

Topic Examples

  • How to frame an engagement through a greeting
  • How to initiate and prolong a client conversation
  • How to speak with passion and enthusiasm

Section 2

Advocating for Your  Organization During a Client Engagement

Topic Examples

  • How to volunteer a community victory
  • How to make clients feel good about donating or volunteering
  • How to volunteer positive information about your organization

Section 3

How to Ask for Reviews and Referrals

Topic Examples

  • Timing is everything… How to request a review in-person
  • Know your clients
  • How to make review requests an organizational priority

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