Destination Advocacy for Tourism Marketing Offices

Converting new visitors into repeat visitors.

Consider the amount of your budget spent on advertising, trade shows, social media execution and other channels, all aimed at attracting new visitors to your destination. Now consider how much is spent on bringing those same visitor’s back for repeat visits. Destination Advocacy for Tourism Marketing Offices teaches real world engagement skills, how to advocate for your destination, and how to create virtual advocates by asking for referrals and reviews during a visitor engagement. The one-hour training is divided into three sections:

Section 1

Real World Customer Service and Engagement Skills

Topic Examples

  • Eyes light up… describing your destination with passion and enthusiasm
  • The greeting… convincing a stranger that you are old friends
  • Providing personal service in an impersonal world

Section 2

Advocating for Your Destination During a Client Engagement

Topic Examples

  • Volunteering information
  • Sharing secret spots… go where the local’s go
  • Turning negative perceptions into positive engagements

Section 3

How to Ask for Reviews and Referrals

Topic Examples

  • Timing is everything… How to request a review in-person
  • Know your clients
  • How to make review requests an organizational priority

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